Don’t You Hate It When That Happens?

Ever find yourself wandering down the street, unable to name the three members of Exposé?

I mean, I got Gioia and Jeanette Jurado, but I forgot Ann Curless’s last name. For Pete’s sake, I used to have a poster of them on my wall, and I bought the special cassette single version of “What You Don’t Know” just for that poster.

I must be getting senile.

I’ll leave it to you to determine whether my lapse in memory is evidence or the fact that I freaking care 20 years later.

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate It When That Happens?

  1. I blame Google. Why, for the last several days, I’ve been racking my brain, trying to remember who sang the song, “She’s Got the Look.” Finally, I broke down and googled it. It was Roxette. A sad day in my life indeed.

  2. Marie F and Per Gessle. Roxette is easy; I actually just got their album “Joyride” last year if you remember.

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