Junior Undersecretary, US Department of Truth Tryouts

A small newspaper’s editor comes out in favor of nationalizing the oil industry:

Here is one question: If the free market is the answer, how come gas at the pump is far, far cheaper in countries where governments run the oil business – Russia, Venezuela, Indonesia. Please, I am just asking a question. I am not a commie.

Just asking a question facilely; I thought journalists wanted answers, but not when the answers undermine their glib socialism. Since he’s not bothering to discuss the lifespan or quality of life of regular citizens in those countries, he’s really just pushing a commie viewpoint.

Perhaps Corrigan would like to talk about how cheap microwave dinners are in Cuba, since that worker’s paradise is only now giving its citizens conveniences we’ve taken for granted for decades. I would guess the same sort of dynamic holds true for cars; only a small percentage of people have cars, and even those who do tend to use them to try to escape to America and its high gas prices.

On the other hand, perhaps Corrigan hopes nationalization will save his industry, as newspapers are in precipitous decline as a business model (link via Instapundit).

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1 thought on “Junior Undersecretary, US Department of Truth Tryouts

  1. Hey, Nazi Germany was a socialist state that gave all sorts of things to its citizens (remember, the name comes from “Nationalsozialismus”). Perhaps the author feels we should emulate them as well?

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