Good Book Hunting: February 17, 2008

On Saturday, we traveled to St. Peters, Missouri, all the way across the Missouri River and everything, to the Adult Hardbacks portion of the Friends of the St. Charles Library book fair. It had hardback mainstream fiction and mysteries for $2 each and videocassettes for a dollar or under. We bought:

Friends of the St. Charles Library book fair
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I got:

  • Alice in Jeopardy, a non-87th precinct book by Ed McBain.
  • Transgressions, an anthology of novellas edited by Ed McBain.
  • Secret Prey, a Davenport mystery by John Sandford.
  • Paradise Alley, a novel from Sylvester Stallone, fresh from his Rocky triumph.
  • From Here to Infinity, an astronomy bit narrated by Patrick Stewart and advertised heavily on ST:TNG movie videocassettes.
  • Earth Versus The Flying Saucers.
  • A Howie Mandel tour videocassette.
  • A video about the history of St. Louis.

I guess Heather got a couple books, too. However, my total new count is 4, and our total spent was $15.25.

I did note, though, that mixed in among the videocassettes were some jiggly direct-to-video or late night cable movies including at least one soft core porn film available for $1. I assume that these were donations that the librarians didn’t know the nature of. Or the library in St. Charles is more liberal than even the Old Trees one.

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