Will No One Rid Me Of These Turbulent Property Owners?


But Conrad wasn’t able to acquire the properties targeted for development.

“The city put out the request without having control of any of the land,” [Conrad Properties President Craig] Saur said. “We couldn’t get key parcels under contract at a reasonable price. Sellers wanted higher prices than was economically feasible for us to develop the project.”

He didn’t want to use eminent domain to acquire the land, Saur said.

“We want to be in places we are wanted,” he said. “If the city could get control of the land, they would probably have a lot more developers interested in the project.”

Surely Saur doesn’t think the city can make a better cash offer for the land. What does he expect them to do, use the Scooby Doo method? No, he’s saying that he won’t call for eminent domain, it would just be nice if eminent domain just happened.

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