Ho Hum: Art, Curator Expect to Make Squares Uncomfortable Again

Another art exhibit exalts itself in making the hoi polloi uncomfortable. Just like the last untold number of “art” exhibits:

A risqué, homoerotic art exhibit will open this weekend on a stretch of street in St. Louis best known as a haven for antique-seekers.

Gallery owner Philip Hitchcock expects the “Body/Building” display to unnerve a few people, but he hopes to accomplish more by challenging the status quo.

“If people are uncomfortable with those images, and they ask themselves, ‘Why? What chord does that strike in me?’ If they go that far, then as an artist and a curator, I have done my job,” Hitchcock said.

I doubt I’d be uncomfortable with those images; instead, the whole concept strikes a chord of “Why bother?” in me.

I prefer art to be evocative and uplifting. That sort of thing takes insight into the human condition and talent. Shocking me only requires the artistic equivalent of a Taser. And guess which sort of thing I buy.

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