Giving Downtown St. Louis Its Props

I’m the first to tut-tut the revitalization of downtown St. Louis, but this is a positive step: Schnucks planning downtown store:

Finishing touches are being put on a plan for a 20,000-square-foot Schnuck’s to go into the first floor of the Desco-DFC Group garage development at 9th between Olive and Locust streets, several sources said Thursday. The Century Building formerly was at the location.

I’ve always maintained that an urban core is only as good as its supermarkets. With the inclusion of a Schnucks (no apostrophe) down there, it will help a lot, since the downtown dwellers won’t have to drive out to the suburbs to shop or pay boutique prices.

I will note, though, that it’s a DESCO development, which is the property company owned by the Schnuck family, so it’s not as though Schnucks has to pay going rates, but on the other hand, the DESCO first floor won’t sit empty for years awaiting a tenant. Besides, that’s how the companies operate in the suburban locations, too.

Good work, downtown. It’s a supermarket. If you can keep it.