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Roadkill Hair Club For Men

Remember those young and carefree days, where the chicks dug your long hair, man, and couldn’t help but run their fingers through those shimmering tresses? Too bad you got old and bald. But at the RkHCfM, we can help restore those youthful looks with an even softer feel than before.

Instead of using your own back fur or artificial fibers implanted in your gourd, the RkHCfM uses naturally harvested animal pelts to provide the hair your shrunken self-esteem needs to enlarge to its full grandeur. You’ll smile longer and harder than ever before.

Our special process causes no pain to the donor animal (which is already departed, rest in peace) and little pain to you. You can get the color, feel, and texture you want by choosing from a wide variety of available options, including:

  • Possum the economical choice!
  • Raccoon for that distinguished color.
  • Escaped golden retriever the surfer look.
  • And many more!

You can trust RkHCfM to do a good job. Why? Because I’m not only the president, I’m also a member.

Roadkill Hair Club for Men president
Roadkill Hair Club for Men president

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3 thoughts on “A Word From Our Sponsor

  1. That might be the nicest thing anyone has said about McGehee in a long time.

  2. Actually, skunk is cheaper than possum. Unfortunately it’s hard to keep it presentable in the summer so I’ve had to put it in storage until next fall.

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