Jim Doyle Embraces Precursor to Tourism Decline

Governor on-board for $13 rental tax:

Gov. Jim Doyle will back a $13 increase in the rental car tax to pay for new commuter trains connecting Milwaukee to its southern suburbs and to Racine and Kenosha, a Doyle spokesman said Wednesday.

The three-county increase was recommended Tuesday by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority. If the Legislature approves, the RTA’s portion of the rental car tax in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties would rise from $2 to $15, in addition to other state and county taxes that total up to 22.6% of each car rental.

Local officials love to fleece the visitors to their fair locales. And when the tourists stop coming because they don’t want to be fleeced any more, local officials spring into action to expend tax dollars to promote tourism.

Because the source of all goodness is also the goal of all goodness. Tax money, thy symmetry is holy. Amen.

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1 thought on “Jim Doyle Embraces Precursor to Tourism Decline

  1. I know where I won’t be going on my next vacation…. Although I have to confess that vacationing in sunny Racine was never one of my life goals, anyway.

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