Thank You, Kelo

St. Louis proves that it owns all land, and private “owners” are just squatters. In its eyes, anyway.

St. Louis’ redevelopment agency sued a convent, a saint, a nun and an elderly woman in a wheelchair who has a 999-year lease on Friday, seeking to use eminent domain to condemn a property in the Ice House District north of Soulard.

City officials hope the area will be a hip entertainment district one day, but first they have to remove stubborn landowners and tenants.

St. Louis city officials have no shame. Starting with Rodney Crim, Executive Director of the St. Louis Development Corporation (314-622-3400 extension 300), to Mayor Francis Slay (contact), the overreaching, power-mad political class is the blight upon St. Louis that no land seizures for hip venues will solve.

Stripping a convent of land for nightclubs. EVICTING THE ELDERLY AND THE INFIRM FOR NIGHTCLUBS.

Nightclubs that might not come, for a redevelopment effort that will probably fail.

No shame.

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