Feds Get Their Man

Kirkwood man charged with impersonating a Marine:

The FBI has arrested a Kirkwood man accused of impersonating a U.S. Marine and wearing a Navy Cross and other medals he did not earn.

Michael Gerald Weilbacher, 48, of the 200 block of Horseshoe Drive was arrested by FBI agents last night, the U.S. Attorney’s office said today.

So a guy puts on a uniform and goes to a ball to meet the chicks, and suddenly he’s in Leavenworth?

Pardon me for being a chickenhawk child of two Marines, brother to only one, but damn, doesn’t our federal law enforcement force (and its enabling Congress) have better priorities than to chase down false braggarts?

Well, our society has functionally eliminated shame as a deterrent/retributive factor (Michael Gerald Weilbacher, you’re a lying sissy), so some groups think its necessary to protect the sensitive feelings our former soldiers by incarcerating some nitwit.

Pardon me if I suspect that perhaps this stems from some symbolic gesture sop thrown to our veterans in place of actual, you know, respect for those who served.

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1 thought on “Feds Get Their Man

  1. It’s funny you say they’re going to send him to Leavenworth. He actually lives in Leavenworth. Reports say he’s from Kirkwood Mo, but he lives atleast part of the time in Leavenworth. He was in the local Kiwanis club.

    I live in Leavenworth, and I’ve seen this fake twice. Both times he was wearing a BDU uniform with a bronze oak leaf signifying the rank of major on his cap. This fool wasn’t even close to looking like a real Marine. He had a belly, his uniform was ill fitting, the laces of his boots were looped and hanging down when they should have been tucked, and his sleeves were just pushed up instead of being rolled with the insides out.

    I swear the first time I saw this guy was in the parking lot at Wal -Mart. Leavenworth is an Army town, so he was taking a chance every time he went out that some real military man wouldn’t knock his teeth out. I mean, this guy is so phoney looking you wouldn’t believe it! If you’re going to be a fake, atleast do a little research on how to look. A Navy Cross!!! Give me a break! This clown couldn’t win a Cracker Jack prize. And, if you could see his belly, you would know he’s tried many times. The Leavenworth Times (www.leavenworthtimes.com) did a story about this fraud being caught.

    There is one other fake that I know of and have seen in this town. He dresses like a soldier. He’s equally idiotic in appearance. He has bushy black hair and a porn star mustache. Think of the Unabomber FBI sketch, that is what he looks like. These two dorks must have been friends. I hope he gets caught too.

    I agree that they shouldn’t go to jail. Their punishment should be public humiliation. They should wear a sign outside of a military base that says “I’m a fraud.”

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