Microsoft Helps Out

Error message from Hotmail:

Error message

Please note the steps to remedy the situation:

  • In your browser, click Refresh.
    As it’s an HTML error page, refreshing the error page will simply redisplay the error page.
  • In your browser, click Back, and try again.
    The application redirected me immediately to this page when I tried to reach; ergo, clicking back would take me back to the unrelated previous Web site I would have visited. In this case, since I went directly to Hotmail when I opened the browser, the Back button was not enabled at all.
  • Wait a few minutes and try again.
    I guess that’s the only choice, really, and since it’s the only choice, it should be the only hint.

Microsoft: It’s some language for placebo.

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1 thought on “Microsoft Helps Out

  1. I was getting those messages as well, apparently Hotmail was having some issues. Why couldn’t they just post an error message that said Hotmail was having issues, come back later when they are feeling better. That seems so much simpler.

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