ACLU Wants Little Girls To Die

Boy Scouts rescue toddler in river:

A troop of Boy Scouts on a camping trip saved an 18-month-old girl who had fallen in a river upstream from them and was floating face down, officials said.

James Taranto of Best of the Web Today reminds us:

The ACLU describes the Boy Scouts as “an organization that will go the way of the Daughters of the American Revolution in losing its place in American life if it does not end its discriminatory practices.”

If the ACLU had its way, the intolerant organization wouldn’t exist, and that little girl would be dead.

I suppose some secularists and nontraditionalists would say that something would arise to take the Boy Scouts place and to teach young men to love and respect themselves and nature and embraces homosexuality, but I’m not so optimistic. One thing’s for sure, though; the Boy Scouts were prepared when they needed to be in this instance (and, no doubt, in many others). Fortunately for the little girl, her family, and for the future people she’ll touch in her wonderful life.

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1 thought on “ACLU Wants Little Girls To Die

  1. Okay, I’ll bite at your straw man:
    – teaching had little to do with it, simply taking the lot of them out camping is what saved the little girl.
    – I don’t believe the ACLU is calling on the BSA to “embrace” homosexuality
    – I’ve seen nothing that indicates the ACLU wants the BSA to not exist, they attack only one facet of the organization, its discrimination in the context of a federal charter.

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