A Dig A Day Keeps Ehrenreich Away

Jane Galt digs at Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Nickeled and Dimed: On Not Getting By In America:

I read “Nickeled and Dimed”, and was impressed by its detailed description of life at the bottom . . . and completely unimpressed by its economic illiteracy, paternalistic snobbery about the people she worked with, disdain for her customers, bizarre fantasies about the motives of middle-class consumers, and her complete and total lack of even a vestigial sense of humour.

I don’t even think I was impressed with its detailed description of life at the bottom because, as I recall, it didn’t have a palette that extended beyond grey and dark grey.

A couple of years ago, I promised my wife I would write a detailed, scathing review of the book myself, but I’ve not yet gotten to it. I’ll have to reread it before I can do so, but at least Ehrenreich won’t get more pennies out of me for rereading a book I already own. But I bought the paperback edition I own new, dammit, so I bought Ehrenreich a couple milligrams of a doobie.

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