Crocodile Insurgency Continues

Crocodile kills humanitarian professor:

A professor at the University of Washington Medical School who moved to Botswana to help alleviate a shortage of doctors there, was killed when a crocodile dragged him from a dugout canoe, his family and colleagues said.

As long as American imperialists continue invading foreign lands to expand the HIV and AIDS free hegemony, brave freedom crocodiles will continue dragging the “private contractors” from their dugout canoes and eating them.

We must learn to accept the crocodile’s culture, and leave them to their crocodilicity that celebrates brutality and lowest common denominature. Indeed, the “death roll” can be quite liberating, in an asphyxiation/drowning high sort of way.

1 thought on “Crocodile Insurgency Continues

  1. Sending tasty University professors to the land of the crocodile will only encourage more crocs to come to Botswana, thus creating an even more deadly situation. My only hope is that the professor hadn’t drawn any disrespectful cartoons of predatory reptiles before his demise.

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