Ace Savages Roeper

So I don’t have to: This Just In: Richard Roeper Is A Blantatly Dishonest Leftist Apologist

Frankly, I read this Roeper Chicago Sun-Times column defending V for Vendetta and didn’t think it was much of a threat to our way of life and that it was a fair argument a movie. A movie I didn’t want to see because of its subject matter. The column didn’t change my mind in any fashion, but I didn’t care to comment on it.

Ace does, though, and he delivers a savaging that sways my opinion against Roeper plenty good.

(By the way, congratulations to Richard Roeper for getting the negative blogosphere attention he’s probably craved for some time now. Unfortunately, the big dogs of the blogosphere don’t normally find source material in the Milwaukee, Chicago, or St. Louis papers. Way to go, Richard!)