The Pox That Keeps On Scarring

The fence along the Mexican border shows how many bugaboos the left can fit into a single action: Not only is it bad for the poor people of color and other nationalities who would only come to this country for noble purposes, such as they can, but also, we should note, the fence along the Mexican border is actually strangling baby seals and clubbing baby spotted owls. Or something:

But in the name of national security, the Department of Homeland Security wants to build 3.5 miles of fencing just south of this federally protected land — a project environmentalists say could spell disaster for the sensitive ecology of the region.

Coming soon, studies will no doubt show that steps taken in the name of border security also:

  • Dramatically reduce Social Security benefits for seniors.
  • Have been proven to cause cancer in laboratories. Not in laboritory animals, mind you, because opponents of the fence also oppose animal testing; however, somewhere, someone in a lab right now is getting news that he or she has cancer, and what, you’re going to attribute that to smoking two packs of unfiltered cigarettes for twenty years?
  • Are linked to childhood obesity, as children will no longer be able to run back and forth across the Mexican frontier unimpeded.
  • Will result in the loss of health coverage for 60,000 working Americans.

How evil are conservatives? So evil that everything they do makes the world worse in innumerable ways!

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