Kevin McGehee: Stuck on Seventies

Kevin McGehee, of Yippie Ki Yay, is stuck in the past. Case in point, this category: Truckin’. The last time I saw the word trucking without the g was probably sometime 1981 on a hand-me-down t-shirt with an iron-on decal with a hitchhiker’s thumb in the air. Which leads me to wonder…is Kevin McGehee stuck on the Seventies? Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Kevin McGehee still has a Bruce Jenner poster on his dining room wall and keeps a Bruce Jenner Wheaties box on his bedside table. His wife has commented on the poster, telling him to take it down….so she can replace it with a Greg LeMond poster.
  • McGehee has 7 letters. Writing McGehee 11 times (McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee McGehee) has 77 letters….like 1977! The numbers don’t lie!
  • Two words: Mus Tache

    Kevin McGehee and his Cop Mustache

Granted, these are only a few signs, but I think they warrant an intervention by the blogosphere, or at least the two bloggers who like him.
Yes, it’s true I’ve got some truck with McGehee, but I only wish him the best, and hope that he comes to be stuck in the 1990s like so many of us.

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1 thought on “Kevin McGehee: Stuck on Seventies

  1. Avocado green appliances and burnt-orange shag carpeting will be back in style any day now.

    Any day.

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