A Totally Sucky Movie Game No One Else Will Play

So when I was watching my traditional Christmas movies last week (Die Hard and Lethal Weapon), I noticed that both movies starred two different actors (or an actor and an actress) in small roles:

Actor Lethal Weapon Die Hard
Mary Ellen Trainor Dr. Stephanie Woods Gail Wallens
Al Leong Endo Uli

Tonight, we watched Coming to America, and we got a similar effect, and oddly enough it was Die Hard II:

Actor Coming to America Die Hard 2 Die Hard with a Vengeance
John Amos Cleo McDowell Major Grant
Vondie Curtis-Hall Basketball Game Vendor Miller
Samuel L. Jackson Hold-Up Man Zeus Carver

Okay, Samuel L. Jackson is bonus credit, but isn’t it weird how the Die Hard series is the touchstone in this? Six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Insert Die Hard, and you immediately knock off two degrees.

I reckon it’s because producers and directors prefer to work with known quantities for their projects (Joel Silver, for example, was behind Lethal Weapon and Die Hard), but it’s still amusing and impressive to identify groups of actors who appear in several movies that are not sequels of each other.

Gentle reader, I invite you to do the same. Drop a couple of your own eureka moments in the comments, or post such on your Web site. Or, I guess, you can bother me with the list of the obvious when you see them. I mean, crikey, I know Clint Eastwood used a bunch of cowboy actors from his films in Every Which Way But Loose. Show some originality!

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