Who’s My Libertarian Candidate Next Time?

My Republican Senator, Jim Talent, thinks the Patriot Act requires fighting meth:

A conference report by Senate and House negotiators to extend for four years provisions of the USA Patriot Act includes a comprehensive anti-methamphetamine package restricting the sale of products containing ingredients needed to cook the drug and providing new tools to police and prosecutors to combat dealers.

Sens. Jim Talent, Missouri Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, said the Combat Meth Act — together with anti-meth measures championed in the House — were included in the Reauthorization Conference Report filed Thursday.

Yea, verily, I shall not vote for Jim Talent in his re-election bid. And if that elevates the latest incarnation of Carnahanism (Russ, no doubt) to the Senate, who is to blame?

No doubt the Missouri Republicans would put me on that cross.

(Link seen on Instapundit. Click there, little brother; that poor Tennessee law professor needs the traffic.)