City of St. Louis Says, "Good Luck, You’re On Your Own"

Sign, downtown St. Louis:

Park Smart - Store your Valuables Out of Sight sign in downtown St. Louis
Park Smart – Store your valuables out of sight

I grieve this sign, for it announces that the city of St. Louis cannot protect your car from break ins and that it’s easier to go after the potential victims to indirectly admonish them for making themselves available for criminal activity. I mean, sure, it’s a good idea to store your valuables out of sight, and it’s an even better idea to not keep valuables in your car and to keep your doors unlocked so the criminal element won’t have to break the windows to look for their absence.

But why lament the powerlessness the city of St. Louis embraces by spending money on these signs? That’s counter-productive. Instead, I offer if not my support, than my other suggestions for further signage, including:

Look Smart
Don’t make Eye Contact
with the
Muttering Shambler

Dress Smart
Don’t Ask
for It,
You Tramp

Drive Smart
Lock your Doors
and Don’t Stop
Until You Reach Clayton

Because I, too, am a helpful city booster.

(Feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments.)

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