Return to Dalton Heights

James Bond writer ‘reinvents’ spy:

James Bond is to be given a new image as a younger character with no gadgets, a writer on the next film has told trade paper the Hollywood Reporter.

Paul Haggis, who is working on the script for Casino Royale, said: “It’s going to be good.

“We’re trying to reinvent Bond. He’s 28 – no Q, no gadgets.”

Just like the time they made the movie James Bond into a modern 80s man. Or so I’ve heard; I’ve never actually seen a Dalton James Bond movie, but it took a return to the old form and to Pierce Brosnan to keep the franchise going for another decade or so.

This writer and the studios are willing to sacrifice the traditional Bond fan for a young, edgy audience that might not be there anyway. Like other entertainment businesses, such as sports teams, who might underestimate the traditional appeal of a franchise and the effects of altering/moving it.

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  1. Yes, dear, we own a Timothy Dalton Bond film, and you’ve seen it. You just repressed it – License to Kill.

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