Unwarranted Snark

The blood is running in the streets of Milwaukee: 4-homicide weekend pushes city to grim point:

Like a runaway freight train, this year’s homicide total in Milwaukee equaled the 88 recorded for all of last year as of early Sunday and gave no signs that religious, civic and governmental efforts to make this a safe summer were slowing the deadly increase.

Snark as follows:

  • Good thing Governor Doyle vetoed concealed carry in Wisconsin, ensuring the safety of its citizens from homicidal predators.
  • Sure, it’s another record, but what’s the count when adjusted to constant 1980 homicides?

1 thought on “Unwarranted Snark

  1. Well, thanks to the laws against concealed carry, at least you’re protected from having a law-abiding citizen whip out a gun and murder you :-)

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