For Other Doubters

For those of you whom have doubted LASIK surgery, wherein someone peels your eye open like a grape and sucks out some portion of the inside for your betterment, we offer this heartening story of a plucky survivor: He wins $7.25M in botched eye surgery suit:

A former Wall Street broker won a $7.25 million civil suit after a botched laser eye surgery that he says left his vision permanently damaged.

The award, handed down by a jury in Manhattan Supreme Court, is believed to be the biggest so far in cases involving LASIK surgery.

Mark Schiffer, a 32-year-old Yale graduate, said the shoddy care he got from Dr. Mark Speaker and the TLC Laser Eye Center in October 2000 forced him to ditch his Wall Street career and take a job with his dad’s security firm, according to his lawyer, Todd Krouner.

Botched? It ruined his life to the point that:

Mark Schiffer, WG’01, has been named chief financial officer of Safe Banking Systems. Prior to joining SBS, Schiffer worked for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.

Yeah, thanks, brother, for raising the cost of eye surgery and all surgery for the rest of us.

(Link seen on Overlawyered.)

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1 thought on “For Other Doubters

  1. Laser beams & eyeballs… never a good combination.

    Although I’m not quite sure why you need good vision to work in finance.

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