The English QUAGMIRE!

Let the drumbeats begin:

Police apparently using stun grenades raided a west London home Friday seeking suspects in the failed July 21 bombings targeting the capital’s transit system, and a British television network reported one arrest.

Police snipers participated in a raid in the Notting Hill section of London, where suspects in the failed July 21 bombings were thought to be hiding.

The raid took place near Portobello Road in the chic Notting Hill neighborhood famous for its weekend street market.

Metropolitan Police confirmed that “an armed operation is currently in progress” but said it was in the “very early stages.”

Sky News reported two small explosions in the area, where helicopters buzzed overhead and police cordoned off a number of streets, and said one person had been arrested.

Compare London to Baghdad:

  • An increased pace of suicide bombings? Check.
  • Increasing violence? Check.
  • Armed operations leading to hunt the insurgents? Check.
  • Squabbling political rivals with incendiary rhetoric? Check.
  • Rationing/shortages that impair the quality of life of citizens? Check. In Baghdad, it’s water or electricity; in London, it’s health care.

What’s the contrast? We hear positive news regularly coming out of London, about people who go about their daily lives, entertain themselves, raise families (well, letting the government or street raise families), and some sense of normalcy.

If all we got was a steady stream of stories like this one from England, along with some stories of soccer hooliganism (I mean, attacks by forces loyal to local warlords) to break it up, perhaps we would want to abandon England.

(Link seen on Michelle Malkin.)

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1 thought on “The English QUAGMIRE!

  1. Really, that quagmire of killings has been going on for what… almost a thousand years?

    Time to quit :-)

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