State Legislator Opens Her Wallet

From an op-ed from one of Missouri’s state legislators regarding Medicaid budget cuts:

Before voting against the Medicaid and adoption-subsidy cuts, I urged my fellow legislators to remember that we must accept responsibility for what happens to Missourians who lose health coverage and necessary family supports.

I laud this legislator for taking personal responsibility for helping out the underprivileged and by conceding her own income to ensure they have a minimum level of sustenance….

Aw, hell, who am I kidding? By we must accept responsibility, she means we must compel the citizens of Missouri to take fiscal responsibility. Her only effort needs to be to act to ensure that others must act.

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1 thought on “State Legislator Opens Her Wallet

  1. I always like how members of the government want citizens to manage their money and our government spends more money than they make. Thanks for commenting on my blog you were the first person to use my new commenting service. Keep up the good work for Matt Blunt this guy doesen’t care about his popularity he does what he thinks is best.

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