Casting Call for the Plame Scandal

Getting a jump on the movie version of the Plame scandal, which will be as ageless and relevant as All The President’s Men for future generations, we at MfBJN proffer the following suggestion for cast:

The Operative Word (2006)

No poster submitted

Directed by
Oliver Stone

Writing credits

Stephen Glass (written by) &
Jayson Blair (written by)

Comedy / Drama

Tagline: Love. Politics. Bush=Hitler.

Plot Outline: As retaliation for telling the truth about the Bush regime’s illegal war in Iraq, an evil mastermind outs an undercover CIA agent, putting her life in danger as she travels the world’s hotspots and New York’s photo ops to minimize the danger done by the real terrorists, the Republican administration.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Helen Hunt …. Valerie Plame
Jeff Bridges …. Joseph Wilson
Bjork …. Judith Miller
Camryn Manheim …. Maddy Cooper
Ed Asner …. Robert Novak
Paul Giamatti …. Karl Rove
Will Ferrell …. The "President"

Production Notes/Status:

Status: Announced
Status Updated: 15 July 2005

Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed completely.

Scheduled for release in October 2006. Just in time for elections Oscar nominations!

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3 thoughts on “Casting Call for the Plame Scandal

  1. Wow — excellent casting, Brian! Sadly, you’re probably right that this will become the “ATPM” for the current generation.

  2. Brian – Great casting and plot line. However, you forgot to cast the “Democrat heroes” in the story that get to the bottom of the plot:

    Sen Minority Leader Harry Reid – Harrison Ford
    Chuck Shumer – George Clooney
    Hillary Clinton – animatronic robot (more lifelike than the real thing!)
    Nancy Pelosi – Jennifer “Runaway Bride” Wilbanks
    John Kerry – Fred Gwynne (sure, he died in 1993, but that was the last time John Kerry had a pulse)

    St Wendeler
    Another Rovian Conspiracy

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