Book Report: The Action Hero’s Handbook by David Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht (2002)

I bought this book at A Clean, Well Lighted Place for Books for $4.98 because, let’s face it, I was binging. But I’m better now, and I’ve almost finished all the books I bought there on Saturday, so it all balances out sort of.

This book was written by one of the guys behind the Worst Case Scenario Handbook, which is apparently a whole brand now. Since Borgenicht wrote it with his brother and the book’s title lacks “Worst Case Scenario,” I assume he didn’t retain control of the brand he helped create. Still, the book follows along the same format. Situation, and how you should solve it. For example, you want to spy proof your room, interrogate a suspect, rescue someone who’s hanging off of a cliff, or climb down the face of Mount Rushmore. You see, unlike the disasters in the WCS books, these doomsdays are man-made, and you’re the only one who can save the world.

Amusing and perhaps slightly informative, but sometimes outlandish and fictionesque, particularly the Paranormal section (How to Predict the Future, How to Fend Off A Ghost, and so on). Still, it’s a good read when spaced out over the course of a couple of days, with a couple of lessons per sitting. Like information gleaned from the WCS books, I’m glad to know some of these things are possible (How to Escape a Sinking Cruise Ship) so I’ll be a little more confident if I encounter the situation; of course, by then, I will have forgotten the details and the book will be on the bookshelf instead of in my pocket, so ultimately it won’t be helpful. Just entertaining.