Eliminate Cost, Retain Value

Proper socialist education yields expected results: Yale students demand financial aid changes:

Fifteen Yale students staged a sit-in at the university’s admissions office Thursday while nearly 100 others rallied outside urging the school to offer more financial aid.

The 10-hour demonstration ended peacefully Thursday evening when police led the 15 students out of the building and cited them for trespassing.

Some protesters called on Yale President Richard Levin to reduce by half the amount of money students on financial aid are required to pay. The students said families earning less than $40,000 a year should not have to contribute any money.

So the students are standing up for the lower middle class and demand free educations for themselves. Oddly, though, they’re not also championing throwing open the doors of Yale to everyone who completes high school and providing them with educational opportunity to further serve the interests of Man, never mind the smaller class sizes and watered-down talent a larger professorial pool would require. These protestors want to retain the value of the Yale degree; they just don’t want to pay for it.

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