Rules Are Made To Be Litigated

94-year-old lottery winner doesn’t want to wait for her cash:

A Massachusetts woman says she wants her lottery winnings now — because she’s 94 and isn’t likely to live another 20 years.

Louise Outing won $5.6 million in September.

But it’s the policy of the Massachusetts lottery to pay out jackpots from its Megabucks game over 20 years. In this case, that would be about $200,000 a year.

Outing’s lawyer is asking a judge to force the lottery to pay her now in a lump sum, minus taxes.

Personal call for attorneys:

Dear sirs, the policy of the Missouri lottery is that it won’t pay out a lottery jackpot until you win it. However, given the astronomical odds, it will take me thousands of years playing the same number every week to win a jackpot. As I shall probably not live to see that day, please litigate on my behalf to force the Missouri lottery to force an immediate payout minus taxes. Thank you.