Wherein Brian Supports Ralph Nader

In Ohio,Ralph Nader has filed suit to end corporate subsidies:

St. Louis built a $260 million stadium to attract a football team. MasterCard got $41 million of tax incentives to build its technology center here. Ford got $17 million to keep its Hazelwood plant open.

Public officials justified each of those economic development deals as a legitimate investment that created and preserved jobs. But each also could be labeled corporate welfare.

Would we be better off if such subsidies were banned? It’s an enticing thought to many taxpayers, and a chilling thought to politicians and corporate officials. But the debate has been largely theoretical until recently. Now, a court case in Ohio may make some tax incentives illegal.

He’s a better gadfly than commander in chief, that’s for sure.

The government has no business spending tax monies to either perpetrate itself or to aid corporations so that they might indirectly benefit citizens.

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