Government and Technology, Part Infinitum

Story in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Freeway Web site could have cost less: Rivals say they would cut price in half on $685,000 no-bid job.

That’s the Wisconsin Department of Transportation spending the better part of a million dollars for a Web site explaining how they’re going to rebuild a major interchange in downtown Milwaukee.

The contract, released last week to the Journal Sentinel, also includes $15,600 for 25 flights.

Where in Wisconsin do you need to fly at $624 a pop?

Meanwhile, the people sucking the government teat are pleased:

“We’re damn proud of this Web site,” said Brian Swenson, vice president of HNTB’s Wisconsin operations. “I know we’re taking a lot of heat and a lot of hits for it, but this tool is going to save people time and money when construction comes up here.”

It’s all about serving the public, ainna? At as high of a price possible from funds that the public cannot determine how to spend because it’s been taken from them by their elected and appointed betters for distribution liberally to their unelected, unappointed, and no-bid betters.

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