The Macintosh Conspiracy

I prefer PCs to Macs because I’ve been weaned on them since I was a whelp, through which as a mangled metaphor you can understand I prefer going to the store for a steak to animal husbandry. So pardon me while I extrapolate on the little things that I’ve uncovered that are undoubtedly some part of an insidious plot to annoy people who try to use both Macintoshes and PCs on a daily basis.

  • In default message boxes, the OK and Cancel buttons are transposed.
    In Windows, the OK button is on the left; in Macintosh, it’s on the right. Crikey, now I have to read the buttons before I just click.

  • The bottom row keys are different.
    On Windows keyboards, it’s CTRL, Windows Key, ALT, Spacebar; on Macintosh, it’s CTRL, ALT, Open Apple (oops, perhaps I have experience on older pre-Macs), Spacebar. It’s just a simple transposition, but for those of us who like to do things like use keyboard shortcuts, it means we hit the wrong keys for the shortcuts 90% of the time on our non-dominant platform (Macintosh for me).

I would wager that someone on one side of the idealogical divide did this consciously. Also, I thank goodness the Linux set doesn’t have its own keyboard yet.

Sure, they’re small things, but when you’re at the keys for ten or more hours a day, it’s a little fleck of sand under your contact lens.

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