Wisconsin Expats March on Local Fox Affiliate

That’s what the headline will be on Monday if this story is any indicator: ‘Warner Factor’ influences KTVI:

KTVI now is dedicated to Kurt Warner.

Channel 2, the local Fox network affiliate, was hit with a barrage of complaints and significantly lower ratings two weekends ago when it switched from the lopsided New York Giants-Minnesota NFL game to the much closer Detroit-Dallas contest.

“It’s the Warner factor,” KTVI general manager Spencer Koch said, referring to the presence of former Rams standout and fan favorite Kurt Warner as the Giants’ starting quarterback. “We learned our lesson. We’re now a ‘dedicated market’ for the Giants.”

They’re planning to pre-empt the Packers/Vikings game this weekend for the Arizona/NY Giants game. Don’t they know this means open rebellion? And we’ll have an open Sunday to plan it!

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