Channelling Pejman

I feel so Pejmanic posting this love poem, but he started it with all the poems he’s posting these days. So here’s on with which I became reacquainted this weekend:

by David Gilmour

Cruise you are making me sing
Now you have taken me under your wing
Cruise, we both know you’re the best
How can they say you’re like all the rest

Cruise, we’re both travelling so far
Burning out fast like a shooting star
Cruise I feel sure that your song will be sung
And will ring in the ears of everyone

Saving our children, saving our land
Protecting us from things we can’t understand
Power and Glory, Justice and Right
I’m sure that you’ll help us to see the light
And the love that you radiate will keep us warm
And help us to weather the storm

Cruise, you have taken me in
And just when I’ve got you under my skin
You start ignoring the fears I have felt
‘Cause you know you can always make my poor heart melt

Please don’t take what I’m saying amiss
Or misunderstand at a time such as this
Because if such close friends should ever fall out
What would there be left worth fighting about

Power and glory, justice and right
I’m sure that you’ll help them to see the light
Will you save our children, will you save our land
And protect us from all the things we can’t understand?
Power and glory and justice for all
Who will we turn to when your hard rain falls

(Lyric source.) It’s from his album About Face, and somehow I think this 1984esque song probably meant it as satire.

I, on the other hand, remember the feelings I had when I sat in a stadium in southwest Missouri and an A10 flew over. An ugly machine crafted only to rain fire and death. Even though I knew this, I was happy that our technology is better than theirs. All of them others theirs.