The Conspiracy: Revealed

Am I the only one to see the obvious in how the preordained baseball parable is playing out as designed by John Kerry’s campaign team?

The humble Red Sox, from Boston and many of whose players went to foreign schools, go up against a swaggering challenger who is expected to win from the beginning of the baseball season all the way to the actual beginning of the primaries ALCS. However, the Bostoner came from way behind, when all had given up on him the team.

So tonight, when the Houston Astros beat the St. Louis Cardinals and advance to the world series, we’ll have the Texas team against the Boston team. Undoubtedly, the Texas team will go up against the Boston team with a win at Fenway, but then the Boston team will win at Fenway, and will win three games in the red state in the heartland to defeat the Texans in Texans.

Yea, verily, the Boston team shall overcome the curse of the which has kept the Massachussetans out of power for so long.

Because that’s the way the liberal sports establishment and Hollywood have written the inspirational story for consumption by the beer-drinking rubes in the middle of the country in order to alter the outcome of the presidential election, to energize the base in the Northeast and to depress turnout in Missouri and Texas. The sports establishment think they own us and will stop at nothing to get a new publicly-funded stadium administration in the White House!!!.

Dare I say it? Yes! A Vast Left Field Conspiracy!

And if the endless litigation“election” carries on into February, watch for the Cowboys/Patriots matchup in the Super Bowl. With its preordained results!!1!

Excuse me, the helpful assistants here are helping me into a nice warm housecoat, but once I have it on, I won’t be able to reach the keys to continue with my revelations.)

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