Tell Us About What You’ve Done with What You Have

I cannot fathom why John Kerry chose this Vince Lombardi in Green Bay:

In arguing for different budget priorities than Bush’s tax cuts, Kerry quoted legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi as saying: “Who you are depends on what you do with what you have.”

Help me while I try to keep the universe from imploding from the sheer paradox.

  • John Kerry, personally, has parlayed his wealthy birth and finishing school life into marriage to not one, but two wealthy women and a lifestyle which the common man cannot even dream of with any detail.
  • John Kerry, politically, belongs to the party better served by the quote “Who you are depends on what you do with what the government leaves you of what you had, or what you do with what the government gives you of what it has taken from those who had it.”

Kerry should have instead quoted, “Winning isn’t everything, winning is the only thing.”

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