Was That a Rhetorical Question?

Also from the same Steinberg column discussed below:

How the Republicans could have imagined there would be any upside in questioning John Kerry’s Vietnam record is a mystery. Doesn’t it all boil down to this: Kerry went to war and President Bush didn’t? Frankly, if Kerry had responded to combat by flinging away his gun and hiding in tears under a tarp on his swift boat, it wouldn’t erase the overarching fact that he put himself in harm’s way for his country, while Bush hid behind the privilege that was to eventually deposit him, blinking and amazed, into the White House.

Not unless you’re purposefully trying to oversimplify the matter.

Oh, I guess that’s what he’s trying to do by removing the context of each’s service.

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2 thoughts on “Was That a Rhetorical Question?

  1. But didn’t Kerry get wounded in Vietnam? Wasn’t he actually over there doing SOMETHING to try to help? Most of the people that went to Vietnam weren’t combat soldiers. It takes 10 men in logistics and planning to keep 1 man supplied and functioning in combat. Are you suggesting that because Kerry was one of those 10 instead of one of those 1 that his service was dishonorable? What does that say about the rest of those 10’s out there?

    And it is true that any way you slice it, George Bush signed up for the Texas National Guard and apparently spent a good deal of his time AWOL getting wasted on liquor and cocaine. I’m not making this stuff up. Don’t you know that? The man is a rich Yale playboy drug party boy. If he told you the sun was blue, you’d probably find a way to believe that too, wouldn’t you?

    The problem with religious people is that if you say you love Jesus, they automatically believe you. The more you say it, the more they believe you. Even if you start a war that kills hundreds of thousands of people, they’ll believe you love Jesus, and therefore they’ll accept ANYTHING you do. Are all born agains this stupid? Do you have to be an idiot to be born again? Do you have to swear to never think clearly again for the rest of your life to be accepted by born again Christians?

    THIS MAN IS A LIAR. He does not love Jesus; he loves money and he loves the death penalty. How can you support the death penalty and then tell me abortion is wrong? Thou shalt not kill is not exactly vague. It doesn’t say you shalt not kill unless George Bush says it’s okay because this guy is a bad guy. Vengeance is mine. What part of that don’t you understand? Not YOURS. God’s. God will take care of vengeance. Make up your mind you stupid idiots. Either you believe everything the Bible says literally, in which case you have a lot of explaining to do, because the Bible says one thing on one page and the exact opposite on another quite a few times. Or you believe the Bible is meant to be interpereted, and therefore you are expected by God to THINK.

    God gave you a brain and he gave you the ability to not just believe the first thing the republican party says to you. Just because religious groups and giant corporations bought your political party doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything those religious groups and corporations say. In fact, it’s supposed to work the other way around. You’re supposed to tell THEM how it’s going to be.

    But instead, there’s a war going on, people are confused and afraid, the future is looking pretty scary, nobody knows what to expect, we might be stuck in Iraq for years, thousands of lives are at risk, we’re all wondering what you’re planning to do about it Mr. Bush… please tell us as part of your 2004 re-election campaign…

    Wait a second. You’re going to do what?! You’re going to “preserve the sanctity of marriage” by denying gay people the right to marry?!!!


    Talk about left field! Talk about completely changing the subject and making up an issue out of thin air to distract people from the real problems. And because people are so scared and confused, they decided to go along with it. Like a bunch of dumb sheep.

    First of all, the United States government, last time I checked, has no business “sanctifying” anything. If you want something sanctified you’re going to have to go to church. We don’t do that sort of thing in this country. What the government does in this country is provide a binding contract that two people can sign that provides for ways to divvy up their assets and allow them to do things like share health benefits and such. Maybe a marriage license shouldn’t be called a marriage license anymore. Maybe marriage is something you do in church, and then you stop off at the town hall and file your union certificate. That way, your marriage is sanctified by the church, and the fact that you can share health insurance doesn’t have anything to do with anybody’s church anywhere.

  2. Wow, it’s been a long time, but you’re still bitter.

    We had our fun last year trying to rehash the motivations and privations of two privileged young men and their misadventures 35 years ago.

    But don’t let that deter you from throwing out ad homenims against me and the president.

    I bow to your superior fallaciousness.

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