My Time is Coming

All six of you daily readers knew it before I did, but this blog will take me to success. Why, just today I received this recognition in my Hotmail Junk E-Mail folder:

Dear Webmaster,

  I am writing to you because I am exchanging links with some of the best
business related websites on the web, and I want to exchange reciprocal
links between your site and my site.
http://www.[obscenity deleted].com
is a leader in its industry. We
have thousands of people visit our website each day looking for franchising and
small business information in their desired category. This will provide
a valuable resource for each of our readers and will be instrumental in
building traffic for both of our sites. I look forward to hearing from you soon
so that we can both
begin to enjoy the benefits of the exchange.


Angela Tidwell

PS- If you are interested in Pursuing a Link Exchange with our site Please feel
free to use the information below.Also please send me your information as well
as the exact location of my link and I will have your link placed and confirmed
within 48 Hours. If you’re not interested and wish to not be contacted again
please just let me know and I will promptly remove you from my contacts.
URL:http://www.[obscenity deleted].com
DESCRIPTION:[obscenity deleted] has one of the best franchise directories
and most comprehensive franchise listings in the business.

If I only roll over and play stupid, I could be a meaningless classified ad in the back of an online version of a free-pickup magazine destined to fold after a single ill-conceived issue. Man, I am lucky to have this opportunity!

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