Veteran’s Day in June

If you can have Christmas in July, you can damn sure have Veteran’s Day in June. Since Cori Dauber has commented on the fact that many journalists do not know anyone in the military, I want to specifically thank those close to me who have served, including:

  • Raymond Noggle, my grandfather, USMC (purple heart on Okinawa).
  • Michael A. Noggle, my father, USMC (Vietnam-era service on Okinawa and in California).
  • Glenda L. Noggle, my mother, USMC (Vietnam-era service at El Toro, California).
  • Kevin M. Noggle, my brother, USMC (6 years because the recruiter promised him Recon–sucker!)
  • James Igert, my father-in-law, U.S. Air Force (Vietnam-era service).
  • Timothy Crowley, friend, U.S. Navy.
  • David Watkins, friend from college, U.S. Army (Ranger).
  • George “Jimmy” Niederriter, friend from high school, U.S. Army (Ranger).
  • Brian Mach, friend, National Guard.

Jeez, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Gentlemen (and Mom), thank you. You’ve proven your commitment to this country in a way I have not, you have protected my freedom to be a chickenhawk today.

Yeah, I am bragging about knowing them and bask in their reflected glory, but you would, too.

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