They Gave A Demonstration, But No One Came

A mother whose daughter was killed by a drag racer wants vengance to deter future teenagers from acting stupid:

The mother of accident victim Megan Landholt urged a stiff prison sentence for a teenage street racer who pleaded guilty Monday in the collision that killed her daughter in south St. Louis County last year.

Barbara Landholt said she wanted to make an example of the driver. She told Judge David Lee Vincent III that Jeremy Ketchum “and people like him cannot go on and think that this is not a big deal. We have a chance to set an example here. A message has to be sent to the drivers of these cars.”

I don’t want to knock this woman’s pain, but kids getting into their cars on Saturday nights don’t read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or their court dockets to keep up with the consequences of their actions. They don’t think about their actions, much less the consequences. Automobile accidents, death? That happens in another school district every couple of years.

So putting the guy who killed your daughter in prison for a long or short time won’t do much for the greater good, and it probably won’t save another daughter from a drag racer, drunk driver, or cell-phone yakker. It will, quite frankly, end the life of another, albeit dumber, kid, and maybe that’s just retribution. Iit’s not, however, an example since not many are paying attention.

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