Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, All The Same

Taranto leads to Boston Globe story about “Little John” Kerry. Little John’s been lacing up the skates to play hockey in New Hampshire and soon Michigan to show he’s one of the guys. Since Missourians are not hockey fans–the St. Louis Blues, the River Otters, the Springfield Spirit, and other teams notwithstanding–John Kerry’s willing to do what it takes to prove he’s down with us homies in the MidWest:

“I guess I’ll ride a bucking bronco or a bull or something,” Kerry joked. “I’m game. Whatever they got.”

What the johnk do we look like to this coastal freaking cosmopolitan liberal botullism-imbibing nutbar? A bucking bronco or a bull or something?

I am speechless. I have nothing snarky to say. He didn’t even invoke the Missouri mule. What we all like here is a ro-d-o! Excuse me while I go punch a cow.

Mizzou, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, California, it’s all the same to Massachusetts-area dilettante senators.

Good thing I am not reading more of this damn Boston paper’s story, with its allusions to Jean Carnahan as a real Senator or that St. Louis could shake up 800 people when brought together by St. Louis mayor Frankie Slayer and the entire Democrat machine to greet Little John, or I might really get irritated.

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