New Streams of Revenue

The New York Daily News rounds up the ways that New York’s finest are enforcing all the laws on the books and citing everything to make up for the city’s revenue shortfall through fines.

My favorite: The driver who got into a car accident and then got a ticket for having a broken headlight three days in a row. The law in question states:

The law says it is illegal to operate, drive or park a vehicle not equipped with headlamps that are in good working conditions.

You cannot drive it. You cannot park it. The only answer is to destroy the car immediately when a headlight goes out. I would expect that sort of law in Detroit, not New York.

Sharpen your outrage, friends. I know this is confined to New York now, but rest assured your municipal officials are watching and learning. Soon, you’ll be paying for the upkeep of water parks and other flotsam from rich revenues with fines for grass that’s too tall for your particular suburb.

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