Okay, Hijinks Now A Felony

Back in May, I wrote about a young man here in Missouri who got caught videotaping the girls locker room. Lucky thing for him, he didn’t do it in New York, where Gov Pattycakes just signed a law making video voyeurism a felony.

Not only that, but if you record a someone unclothed in a bedroom against her (let’s be honest, it’s always gonna be a her) will, you get added to the state’s registry of sex offenders as though you were a serial molester of Webelos.

Ask me sometime and I will go on at length about the legislative insanity that assigns felony to minor offenses that cause no physical harm or threat. It’s easy to do something! about a perceived problem by getting tough, but it’s another thing entirely to continue to warehouse non-violent offenders for years on end.

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