But I Am Not Fully Adjusted To The Life-Altering Segway Human Transporter Yet

Reader’s Digest hyperbolically identifies 25 Products That Will Change Your Life.

The list includes:

  • The Oregon Scientific Wireless BBQ Thermometer, a thing you can stick into your meat while it’s on the barbecue that has a wireless pager you can wear on your belt that will let you know when the food is done.
  • The Anycom HCC-210 Bluetooth Car Kit, a quick and easy speakerphone kit for cars.
  • Tech-Ezz Wackerchaps, some sort of overshoes for lawnmowing chores.
  • The InnoDesk Thermo-Cut Tape Gun, a packing tape dispenser with some cutting edge cutting edge.

And twenty-one more such things which will alter the very fabric of our existence and cause city planners to redesign their New Urbanist projects.

Unfortunately, they’ve only changed my life by removing the couple minutes I spent skimming the article. At least I got a blog post out of it.

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Overheard In Old Trees Coffee Shop, Saturday Morning

This morning, while out taking the morning constitutional with my boy, we stopped at an Old Trees coffeeshop for a pastry and caffeinated beverage. In the sofas by the window, four of the eight Republicans in Old Trees had gathered, even though we know we should avoid grouping in one place because we’re easier targets.

Because let’s face it, Old Trees is not a Republican enclave. The upper six figure and lower seven figure houses often sprout INSTEAD OF WAR, INVEST IN PEOPLE and NOT IN OUR NAME signs more frequently than dandelions in the lawns and many cars still bear Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers or the resulting sour grapes quotes like “So Many Republicans / So Few Jail Cells.” But the group was out in force, speaking loudly and excitedly. A partial transcript follows:

Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson. Fred Thompson. Rudy Guiliani or Fred Thompson. Front runner in 30 days. Fred Thompson. Ronald Reagan. Fred Thompson.

As I predicted. A candidate Republicans can embrace without asterisks.

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