Another Thing Noggle Has That Trog Lacks

An awesome poster of Danica Patrick with an encouraging sentiment aimed at elementary school children:

Danica Dream poster

Word of advice, though, Trog: Sometimes persistence in pursuit of your dream just gets you a snootful of pepper spray from a deputy enforcing a court order.

Or so I heard.

2 Responses to “Another Thing Noggle Has That Trog Lacks”

  1. Rule 5 Sun- er, Tuesday : The Other McCain Says:

    […] Secret’s Newest Model, which Zilla also noted. Brian Noggle also worshiped at the altar of Danica this week, though I think it’s more of a dig at Troglopundit, who posted about Ms. Patrick […]

  2. Man, Danica Patrick is hot! « The TrogloPundit Says:

    […] a note to Brian: they only pull out the pepper spray if you breach the restraining order. Share this:Like […]