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Back in 1991, I answered an ad in the Marquette Tribune to be one of four rotating columnists in their paper. Back then, I was well onto my way of being a long-haired (relatively) radical. Of course, the fact that Marquette is a nice, solid Jesuit University certainly helped me in my pursuit. As a matter of fact, the four columnists were designed to represent four viewpoints: Conservative, Moderate to Conservative, Moderate to Liberal, and Liberal. I was the Moderate to Liberal, or the best they could do.

I have collected some of the columns I wrote for the Tribune. Some might be a little context-sensitive; hence I have added some exposition in red text to help set the scene. In addition, I have dropped a couple of drafts for unpublished columns onto the Web site, too, so that you can either revel in my genius or wonder if I never wrote anything decent in my life.

Available Columns:

Through These Eyes #1
Through These Eyes #2: The Cultural Class Celebration
Through These Eyes #3: Liberal Strategy
Through These Eyes #4: The College Spirit
Through These Eyes #5: A Call From Arms
Through These Eyes #6: The Great Mascot Controversy
Through These Eyes #7: Civil Disobedience 1992
Through These Eyes #8: The Meaning of a Word

Available Drafts:

On the Multicultural Class Proposal

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