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Cynically Quoted

Volume 1

The first year of the Cynic Express(ed) defined what I believe as a cynic in "The Cynic's Manifesto" and choke on such hard hitting issues as Ellen Degeneres, the Spice Girls, au pairs, and Latrell Sprewell.

Volume 2

The second volume of The Cynic Express(ed) began in the summer of 1998. With the second volume, I experimented with a second mailing list, the The Cynic Express(ed) Circular, which allowed readers to respond to each other about topics covered in the column. Readers did converse about the use of eminent domain in the construction of race tracks in Kansas, the use of the term Balkanization in everyday life, and the nature of hate crimes.

Volume 3
The third volume of the Cynic Express(ed) has just begun, but already I waxed and waned about Wicca in the military, UnKool cigarette ads, and the sorry state or our national anthem.

Through These Eyes
In college, I wrote a monthly column for the almost-daily campus paper, the Marquette Tribune. I scratched out some cynical rants about renaming mascots to please minorities, the charitable college spirit, and the thought on every underclassman's mind, the drinking age.