Book Report: The Yuppie Handbook by Marissa Piesman and Marilee Hartley (1984)

This book, like Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, is an early 80s mocking snapshot of a demographic. In this case, it’s mocking the young urban professional, the Manhattanite two-career couple with eyes on improving themselves. The craziest thing about it is you could substitute casual attire for the pinstripe suit, a DVR or Slingbox for […]

Good Book Hunting: February 14, 2009

For Valentine’s Day, I took my sweetie to a book fair in St. Peters. The library out there broke their book fair into three parts: paperbacks, hardbacks, and childrens books (presumably printed after 1985 and having no non-book components). This weekend was the hardbacks weekend, which apparently only included mystery/horror books, bodice rippers by Janet […]

The Undead Rise Again II

Consider it a sequel of sorts to this post, but KSDK reports, with a basic understanding of the possessive form of it: Metro could eliminate 28 of it’s 60 existing MetroBus routes. The transit company has listed 22 routes on it’s website that may be eliminated next spring. The second phase of likely cuts, including […]