Book Report: Three Volumes of Poetry by Ogden Nash, T.S. Eliot, and American Greeting Card Corporation

Many Long Years Ago by Ogden Nash (1945) Reflections on Our Friendship by American Greetings Corporation (1975) Old Possum’s Practical Book of Cats by T.S. Eliot (1939, 1982) If laddie reckons himself to be a poet, laddie really ought to read diverse styles of poetry and, yes, sometimes even poetry that is not very good. […]

This Montaigne Is Aging Nicely

I’ve reached an age where decades are a drop in the sink beneath the mirror in which my face suddenly sags. You know, a couple years ago (six being “a couple,” where ten is “a few”), I started a category on this blog called DeRooneyfication, which covers projects I’ve completed after the passage of time. […]

So, Almost 10 Years Later….

I took a quick look at an old post (Good Book Hunting: August 27, 2007, and I zoomed in on the picture of my to-read shelves in Old Trees, and I thought, Man, I need to get to reading some of those books. Click for full size I see a bunch of them on the […]

Free Books

As you know, I buy my books in bulk at book fairs and often end up with duplicates. A recent cleanup of my bookshelves has yielded the following: They include: Isaac Asimov’s The Robots of Dawn and Foundation and Earth.  John Sandford’s Hidden Prey and Mortal Prey.  Classic Club editions of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel […]

Good Book Hunting: October 20, 2011

Yesterday, we hit the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library’s semiannual book sale. On a full price day, but we were without children. Since it was not half price day or bag day, I found myself restraining myself and putting down books that I would have picked up in other circumstances. Which is good, because […]