Someone Wants To Renew A Blogwar

Kevin McGehee says that I don’t count: As evidenced by my reduced blogging frequency in recent months, the loss of my only known occasional reader is not the sole cause of the Tally Book’s dearth of content; it’s a cause, but not the only one. Oh, I am nothing, am I? I’ve kept you in […]

A Plea For Mercy

Private communique from McGehee, in my e-mail box today: From the looks of the traffic I’m getting from your faithful supporters, I know I’m beaten. Can we please enjoy a little who’d-nah so that I can rally my supporters and channel money from international sympathizers? In a word: No. There will be no quarter, McGehee.

Blog Yee-Hawd

McGehee of Yippie-Ki-Yay, piqued because any time I feel like it I can beat him in Outside the Beltway caption contests, has decided that I am not worth trifling with: Anyone getting more traffic than me wouldn’t notice me trying to pick a fight, and if I pick a fight with someone getting less traffic […]

Who Won The Olympics?

Who got the most medals at the Olympics? Why, the European Union, of course: EURO chief Romano Prodi last night hailed Britain’s haul of Olympic gold as a triumph — for the European Union. And he warned our athletes will have to fly the EU flag as well as the Union Jack at Beijing in […]